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Looking ahead – the management’s commitment

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20. 05. 2024

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The changed market conditions, global trends and desire to pass over the company’s management to a younger generation have encouraged us to start preparing a new strategy of Lipro d.o.o. by 2024. The strategy will provide relevant policies for our further development as a response to the current challenges of our time and changes that are happening in our business environment.

Despite the changes in our environment, we remain committed to our mission to improve and simplify transport systems and with committed employees provide professional solutions tailored to our customers’ needs.  We will keep striving toward a sustainable creation of value for employees, business partners and the local community. We will encourage teamwork and an open internal communication. It is of key importance to lead by example in spreading the culture of cooperation, respect and assuming responsibility among all employees at Lipro d.o.o.

The internal environment and our current development capabilities indicate that Lipro d.o.o. is able to grow in the future and therefore reinforce and retain its position on the market. A stable financial position, committed employees, state-of-the-art equipment, development orientation, innovation and ability to manage business processes are in the management's opinion the sources of competitive advantage on which Lipro d.o.o. may build its future. Our strategic plan is an evidence-based approach that realistically presents the future development path of Lipro d.o.o. to become the top choice for companies that want innovative, quality and environmentally friendly solutions in automated production in the EU as well as more broadly.

Vision and mission

We will become the top choice for companies that want innovative, quality and environmentally friendly solutions in automated production. This will be achieved by digitalising business processes, by establishing a more sustainable direction of our operations and by implementing partner integration.

We improve and simplify transport systems and flexible constructions in automated production. Committed employees ensure professional solutions tailored to our customers’ needs.


Lipro d.o.o.
Dekani 20 A, 6271 Dekani, Slovenia

t: 00386 05 625 13 43
e: info@lipro.si

VAT ID: SI4714948
Registration number: 1318047

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Company management

Gregor 2

Gregor Pribac
General Manager

m: 00386 41 294 041

Albert SI e1652788074169

Albert Pribac

Gasper 1

Gašper Pribac
Technical Manager

m: 00386 41 209 102

Barbara SI e1652788806266

Barbara Pribac
Procurator – Head of Operations


Armin 2

Armin Mašić

m: 00386 31 782 085

Jan 1

Jan Strle

m: 00386 51 634 807

Zoran 1

Zoran Belac

m: 00386 31 771 980


Dejan 1

Dejan Krmac

m: 00386 41 599 418


Filip 1

Filip Kovačič
Head of Development

m: 00386 31 771 898


Patrik 1

Patrik Sukič
Warehouse Manager


Marko 1

Marko Škropeta
Head of Production

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The success of our company also depends on the quality of our suppliers. This is why we constantly strive toward ensuring quality products from raw material to end customer.

Important milestones

The beginnings of Lipro date back to 1998, when Albert and Barbara Pribac started doing business in their family workshop in Koper. Due to business expansion, they soon move their activity in slightly larger rented premises in Koper.


Entry into our job seeker's database

If there are currently no job vacancies or if you think that the vacancies do not match your profile, you may present yourselves any way in an open application. We will enter you in our database and contact you when we will need new colleagues.