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20. 05. 2024

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The changed market conditions, global trends and desire to passing over the company’s management to a younger generation have encouraged us to start preparing a new strategy of the company by 2024 that also includes the human resources strategy.

Our human resources strategy includes various areas:

1. Competence model and values

We are actively developing key selected competences, such as: communication skills, teamwork, work ethic, flexibility, perseverance and learning and developing.

We are building an organisational culture that is based on selected values which are the guiding principles of our actions and our attitude. Accordingly, the behaviours of employees that significantly impact the organisational culture and operating results are desired and of key importance for the company.

2. Recruiting

On the basis of the analysis for the need for new personnel we carry out interviews at which we are able to recognise through open communication if a candidate possesses the relevant values and competences in order to be able to work in our company.

3. Human resources development

We intensively follow new employees with monthly targeted interviews that positively impact their successful integration in the team, their creativity, motivation and innovation.

4. Mentorship and apprenticeship

By introducing mentorship we encourage and cultivate the alertness and flexibility of employees and support them in acquiring new knowledge, skills and competences and have open discussions with them about their future.  We carry out mentorship with new employees, intergenerationally, as part of a practical training of students and in transferring knowledge among employees.

5. Training

We encourage employees to educated themselves in various expert fields, we organise workshops in the field of emotional intelligence, time and stress management, also with the assistance of regular physical activities during working hours. We operate with the belief that only physically and mentally healthy employees are capable of communicating and cooperating constructively, and quickly and efficiently adapting to all significant changes.


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