Lipro has been pursuing the best possible quality of its products and services since 1998.

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20. 05. 2024

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Customer satisfaction is our top priority, we therefore ensure and improve quality using various approaches and applications.

The interconnectedness of all areas, from operational to technical, is of key importance for a better product quality. Our diligent suppliers and committed employees ensure that our products represent the highest standard of quality.

The commitment to provide quality products and services is very important to Lipro, this is why the company has also obtained and maintained the ISO 9001 standard.


At Lipro we put great emphasis on environmental protection and keep reducing the environmental impact of our products with new production processes.

We strive daily toward constant improvement in the area of environmental protection, since Lipro represents part of a society that wants to enable future generations a clean and healthy environment.

Our environmental protection principles was crucial for us to obtain the ISO 14001 standard!

Key values at Lipro

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