Important milestones

The beginnings of Lipro date back to 1998, when Albert and Barbara Pribac started doing business in their family workshop in Koper. Due to business expansion, they soon move their activity in slightly larger rented premises in Koper.


Good operating results made possible the construction of a new hall with larger production capacities in the immediate vicinity. The company designs and develops the first PSC-90 chain conveyor system. This is followed by the first issue of the “Modular system” catalogue. In 2006, the company receives the bronze award for this programme at the 12th Terotech_Maintenance fair in Celje.


The company records 10 years of successful business operation. In 2009, the company issues a catalogue for TB conveyors. Lipro develops the PS-Solar transport system, the PSR 50/60 driven roller track and a tubular modular system for which it received the silver award at the 16th Terotech_Maintenance fair in Celje. This is follower by the issue of the transport systems catalogue.


In January 2014, the company relocates to a new location on Dekani, which allowed the improvement of working conditions for employees. In 2018, the company invested in larger storage facilities with the aim of carrying out services for existing and new customers more quickly and qualitatively.


In 2019, the company began implementing its Transfer of succession programme with which it clearly outlined its plans for the future. In 2020, the company obtain two important certificates: ISO 9001 and ISO 14001. In 2021, it further invested in new surfaces for development and expansion.