Transport Systems

Transport systems are a comprehensive solution for handling in automated production.

Using anodised profiles we carry out the installation and design with a number of additions and are able to assemble simple as well as complex constructions.

The painting and welding process is not necessary.


The PSC–90 pallet system is suitable for transporting heavier and larger loads.

Thanks to the accumulation chain with free-rotating rollers it is possible to achieve accumulation and move loads up to 1500 kg or 2 kg/cm with a single drive module.


The PSB-90 pallet system is frequently used in dry and clean environments where higher ISO “clean room” are required.

PSB-90 is suitable for smaller and lighter loads and carries a total of up to 350 kg or 1 kg/cm using a single drive module.


Roller tracks of various designs are used to transport bulk and palletised material and packaging of different materials and dimensions in the industry.

Roller with a 50 or 60 mm diameter are used for all the roller tracks.

The permitted load of the roller tracks is up to 500 kg/m.

From inquiry to delivery

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