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Introducing the PSB-60 Pallet System

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Publish Date: 15. 04. 2024

Introducing the PSB-60 Pallet System, meticulously engineered with a toothed belt to optimize production operations and elevate efficiency to new heights.

Two drive options:

  • Central Drive:
    • Drive mounted between tracks.
    • Offers dual direction transportation.
    • Ideal for applications where side drive mounting is not acceptable.
  • Direct Drive:
    • Suitable for shorter tracks, starting from 290 mm.
    • Economical option of central drive PSB-60.
    • Requires only one return module.

PSB60 Direktni centralni 1 1 e1712912085581

Tailored drive mounting:

  • Torsion Arm:
    • Ensures stable and vibration-free operation, reducing wear and tear.
    • Simplifies installation and alignment processes, minimizing setup time.
  • Flange Mounting:
    • Offers versatile positioning options.
    • Flange can be designed for different motor brands.

PSC60 centralni pogon S e1712910972119

Toothed Belt:

  • Provides stable and vibration-free operation, ensuring smooth pallet transportation.
  • Reduces wear and tear on system components, extending the system’s lifespan.
  • Simplifies installation and alignment processes, minimizing setup time and improving overall efficiency.
  • Enables precise control over pallet movement, enhancing accuracy in production operations.

PSB60 320 D D 2 2 e1712911185217

Flexible Length Range:

  • Extends up to 6000 mm:
    • Accommodates a wide range of pallet lengths, enhancing versatility.
    • Reduces need of mounting additional drives.
  • Minimum length limits:
    • PSB-60 direct drive minimum length: 290 mm.
    • PSB-60 central drive minimum length: 490 mm.

PSB60 centralni 320 e1712911121955

High Load Capacity:

  • Supports up to 60 kg per drive.
  • Enables efficient transportation of heavy loads without compromising performance.
  • Due to high load capacity reduces need of additional drives.

ESD Compliance:

  • Ensures enhanced protection:
    • Safeguards sensitive electronic components against damage or malfunction, ensuring product integrity.

Simplified Maintenance:

  • Facilitates quick and easy toothed belt replacement, minimizing downtime and operational disruptions.
  • Reduces labour and maintenance costs associated with routine upkeep, maximizing operational efficiency.
  • Can be completely disassembled which allows quick and simple disassembly.

PSB 60 400 D L 00 e1712911393123

Integration of additional modules:

  • All modules from Transport system program can be assembled on PSB-60.

PSB60 moduli

In conclusion, the PSB-60 Pallet System offers a comprehensive suite of advantages tailored to enhance efficiency, flexibility, and performance in modern logistics operations.