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Curve or transverse system

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Közzététel dátuma: 03. 04. 2023

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When to use curve and when transverse module?

The curve system

The curve system can be designed in an 180° or 90° angle shape, but it can also be designed for different angles, for example 55°.

With curves, we can avoid potential obstacles in an area where the system will be placed.

The main advantage of the curve system over the transverse system is, that the workpiece carrier always stays in the same orientation.


The transverse system

The transverse modules are used to transport the workpiece carriers between the lines.

All transverse units are equipped with a pneumatic cylinder for the lifting and an electric motor for the transport of the workpiece carriers to another line.

The transversal module is less complex than the curves system, therefore the production time is shorter.



Both systems do their job of trensporting workpiece carrier between lines and to other positions perfectly.

With our technical knowledge, we will help you choose the correct solution for your transport system.