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MAXIMIZING EFFICIENCY with different roller types for ROLLER CONVEYORS

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Datum objave: 07. 12. 2023

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In the ever-evolving world of product handling and logistics, the choice of conveyor rollers is critical to the efficiency of your operations. In this article we will explore the diverse range of rollers available for roller conveyors and find out when to deploy each type for optimal results.  

Accumulation rollers are designed to allow products to accumulate on the conveyor. These rollers are perfect for applications, where managing varying product flow rates is crucial. They prevent blocking and reduce the risk of product damage by ensuring a controlled flow.  

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Accumulation rollers with a clutch for versatility and control. The built-in clutch allows you to regulate the fixity if necessary. They work like normal accumulation rollers, but the use of fixity settings applies. They are perfect for operations that require both controlled accumulation and continuous flow.  

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Fixed Rollers ensure stable and constant transport of products. They are used in areas where a consistent, predictable flow of products is required, and where accumulation is not required. They are reliable and require minimal maintenance. 

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Free Rollers are used when we want the products to move freely without an external drive, such as an electric drive. Free rollers offer a simple and cost-effective solution. They enable manual or free movement of products with the help of gravity. An ideal solution where manual handling of products is desired and when automated systems are not required.

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Combination of rollers – In various operational situations with product processing, combining different types of rollers proves to be extremely effective. For example, you can start a production line by using accumulation rollers to create a buffer area to collect products. Then you switch to fixed rollers, which ensure stable and consistent movement, or enable the selection of products according to need. 


Selecting the right combination of roller types for your conveyor system is critical for optimizing your product handling processes. Consider factors such as the type of product, desired conveyor speed, accumulation requirements, and the overall workflow of your operation.  

Should you have any questions or require expert guidance on choosing the ideal rollers and their combinations for your conveyor system, don’t hesitate to reach out. Together, we can chart a course toward increased productivity and operational excellence.