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Which transport systems allow bidirectional transport?

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Fecha de publicación: 10. 07. 2023

17 RDMM cabel

Belt conveyors:

Belt conveyors (with indirect or direct drive) enable operation in both directions and are specifically designed for a standard length of 2 meters. The width of these conveyors is one-third of the length, ensuring optimal efficiency. Transporting cargo in both directions, is only possible for lighter loads and at lower velocities.


TB45D kpl e1688389352440TB30: This version is designed for transporting cargo up to 5 kg, making it suitable for smaller, lighter objects.

TB45: This version is designed for transporting weights up to 30 kg, providing greater capacity compared to TB30.

TB90: This version is designed for transporting cargo up to 90 kg and it is the most robust option among the mentioned belt conveyors.





TB30C e1688389454516

Belt conveyors with a central drive have a distinct advantage in operating bidirectionally due to their specially designed drive construction. This design ensures a smooth and efficient two-way functionality, eliminating potential problems associated with changing of the transport direction.






Transport systems:

Transport systems that use belt or chain have the ability to operate in both directions, but this functionality is only possible when using a light drive or a central drive assembly.








The PSR transport system, which utilizes rollers driven by a chain or belt, allows bidirectional operation when using the 17RDMM motorized electric roller drive or a 17RDMH central drive. Transport systems do not have specific limitations for bidirectional transport except using a correct drive, but it is important to consider catalogue information regarding loads and velocities.



Belt conveyors with indirect or direct drive and transport systems with light or central drive enable bidirectional transport. The PSR transport system can operate bidirectionally with the appropriate configuration, either using a central drive or an electric roller drive.